The Second Album

by Olivia Brownlee

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released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Olivia Brownlee Los Angeles, California

From an early age, Olivia Brownlee has been exhorted to pursue performance. From California to Massachusetts, from Vienna to Pakse, Songwriters, Voice Over Actors, Preachers, Storytellers, Illustrators, Activists, and Entrepreneurs have all worked their influence on the musical, theatrical, and artistic endeavors she now pursues in the Greater LA Area. ... more

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Track Name: The Cookin' Tune
Well if the way to your heart were a raspberry tart,
I'd run into the kitchen and the oven I'd start,
I'd take a little flour, make a little dough,
Knead it and shape it till it's ready to go -

The berries would simmer deliciously
And the enticing smell would make you notice me!
If a simple tart were all it took,
I guess I'd have to learn to cook.

Now I don't like to brag or boast,
But of this town, this girl's the toast -
They're lining up outside my door,
Solicitin' to see me more.

I've got the wit, the laugh, the look,
And here you are complainin' that the girl can't cook!

So if you're hankerin' for a salted ham
And you were thinkin' what a knockout gal I am,
But you were worried that I haven't got that je ne sais quoi
That knows how to serve it up better than raw,

Well set your mind at ease, Monsieur,
While I consult my friend, Bettie Croqueur,
If a salted ham were all it took...
Then I'd be pleased - believe you me -

If the ingredients to our happiness could be found in a book
Of recipes,
Well then I guess I'd have to learn to cook!
Track Name: Moon Overboard
He says, "It's lovely." Startled, I ask, "The moon?"
"The stars and the sea and this whole month of June!"
He offers his jacket (I guess I look cold)
And he covers my shoulders.

I feel his hand next to my arm - no wedding band,
Would you believe it?
Am I amiss? Could he be the one? I think of a kiss...
And don't receive it.

Maybe he's just shy. Maybe I
expect too much too soon.
Enter a swan: "Have you met my bride?
We'll be we'd by the end of June!"

Moon overboard.

I stare at the waves. Is it hurt? Is it dead?
They're talking, I'm talking, but what's being said.
I think of my love life (rather, the lack thereof),
And whether God purposefully thwarts me in love?

Understand, the lack of a plan
is a thought that gives me a scare,
But there's a fine, intense storyline
That includes what I eat and wear,

And the moon overboard.

We pull into port. I'm so ready to go.
I float by a bakery wafting of dough.
I wander inside with my shekel in hand
And stroll up to the counter.

A gentleman asks, "What'll you have?"
"Anything good. I've had a rough one."
"Got just the thing, it's on the house."
He smiles at me. God, that's a good one.

Leaves the room and returns with a bloom
Which he gives to me tenderly.
"...Can we talk? Let's go for a walk,
And I'll tell you the irony

Of the moon overboard."

Wherever there's water and lovesongs to croon,
There's always potential for upside-down moon.
Track Name: Flash in the Pan
Climbing in years, he's faced with his death
Caustic'ly cussin' under his breath
They say that my life's a flash in the pan
So I got this time to do the best that I can.

Defending the weak 'cause no one else will
Searching for truth 'tween heaven and hell
They say that my life's a flash in the pan
So I got this time to do the best that I can.

What's in your head when your body is done?
Did you stand? Did you win? Did you lose? Did you run?
I don't often do the best that I can.
I'll justify every reason I ran.

I know that my best is not very good
I often don't do the things that I should
They say that my life is. Flash in the pan
So I gotta stay and do the best that I can.
Track Name: Cake
Once a rich cake wished to be plain.
Came a poor cake flavored with grain.
"Look at your wealth! Don't you know what you are?"
they said of each other,
and if not to value their own set of goods,
they quickly loved one another.

But the rich cake was rich - though it wondered what for -
and the poor cake, though plain, was surely not poor.
For it gave of its own wholesome grain
if only to make the other one rich again.